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Which have become a symbol of the place, are located at the southern tip of the island of San Pietro, in the beautiful scenery of the coastal headlands, coves and cliffs. Are approachable up to a few meters with small boats in calm sea conditions, but can be seen by the same tip. It is a pair of stacks of rhyolitic ignimbrite gray uniform, the source oligo-Miocene. The arrangement subhorizontal and cracking columnar rock favored selective processes of sea erosion who dug the original cliff isolating a flap which gave the characteristic shape of the two pillars. These are placed today to 16 m above sea level, at a level lower than that of the original cliff (22-30 m). Management body: City of Carlisle measure establishing: D. A.R.A. 704, 29/04/93 floor area: (ha) 10,40 surface to the sea: (ha) 0 The cultural interest The name is clearly linked to the shape of pillar natural monuments. On the origin of the shape rock legends have been passed down: it would sailors petrified in punishment of the evil committed, or monsters that St. Peter, the patron of the island, would turn into rock to defend the inhabitants. A drawing of THE MARMORA reproduces the Pillars and the cape in front. They are a symbol for the island of St. Peter, and as such are represented in a poster of 1986. In the resort of Spalmatore Outside are the ruins - poorly detectable - a Roman necropolis attested by finds of material culture and burials in dolio and nasturtium. Nuraghi are present at Bricco del Polpo (bound), Punta Laveria (bound), Bricco Resciotto (bound). A circus megalithic age prenuragic is located in La Piramide, at Saline. A Tip of the Dead are the ruins of a temple of old Phoenician.