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ph Cjasar
Cavers and speleologists explora places that are far from sunlight and from the eyes of other people. You can't make a map of a cave using satellite images, for instance. So they have the responsability to explore, make maps and tell others what they have seen. They also have the honor of giving names to places they discover and explore, as sailors of the XV and XVI centuries did. Sa Ciedda is the name given by cavers to a sump, a place where they met a submerged passage that needs to be explored using proper diving techniques. This place is more or less 4 hours far from the entrance of the cave called Su Palu, part of the Codula Ilune Caves System in the area of Supramonte, Sardinia. This was our first attemp of using Ughetta's DSLR camera with my new strobe. Later we considered that it would have been clever to test the equipment and learn how to use it in a more accessible place. The result is a poor shot of a marvellous place, but luckily I am only one of many who photographed this part of the caves system.