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Sardinia - Porto Giunco 1

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View of Notteri Pond in Porto Giunco Beach, Sardinia, Italy. August 2013. Shot on tripod, Arax-modified Kiev 60 6x6 medium format camera, Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm F4, exposure guessed at 1/8s f13, grad red and grad nd filters, focus about 6.5 m, Fujifilm Neopan ACROS 100 BW film, rated ISO 50 for development in Rollei Low Speed . Developed to N in Rollei Low Speed, temp. 27 °C, dilution 1+4, 9.3 min, 30" initial inversion then 1 inversion each minute, 1' stop in Tetenal Indicet, 2' fix. Aimed for diffuser enlarger gamma, which I find fitting my scanning needs well. Scanned to an equivalent 6300 dpi with a custom made SLR macro setup, then resized to about 3800 dpi. Very light postprocessing.