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Nuraghe "Su Nuraxi", Sardinia

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The nuraghe is the main type of ancient megalithic edifice found in Sardinia, developed during the Nuragic Age between 1900-730 BC. Today it has come to be the symbol of Sardinia and its distinctive culture, the Nuragic civilization. There is no consensus on the function of the nuraghes: they could have been religious temples, ordinary dwellings, rulers' residences, military strongholds, meeting halls, or a combination of the former. Some of the nuraghes are, however, located in strategic locations – such as hills – from which important passages could be easily controlled. They might have been something between a "status symbol" and a "passive defence" building, meant to be a deterrent for possible enemies. Su Nuraxi is a settlement consisting by a Nuraghe, dating from the seventeenth century BC, a bastion of four corner towers plus a central one, and a village inhabited from the thirteenth to the sixth century BC, developed around the Nuraghe. It is located in Sardinia in the municipality of Barumini. They are the most impressive expression of the Nuragic civilization and are included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 1997. [from Wikipedia] No Group Invites with Graphics Please Please contact me before using this photography © All rights reserved